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Baby Carrier for Plus Sizes


If you are shopping for a baby carrier you might run into some difficulties when you are plus size. All our bodies are different and whether you are large or small, a baby carrier needs to be comfortable. Our MiniMeis baby carrier is suitable for plus sizes. Simply adjust the shoulder and chest straps to what feels comfortable.

Baby carrier for plus size men (and women)

When using the MiniMeis baby carrier as a plus size dad (or mom) you need to make some adjustments. The carrier is designed for dads of any size but can be used by both. When you have a large chest area you can tighten the side straps firmly and leave the chest strap untightened. This way you should be able to use the MiniMeis comfortably. However, if this is still not the case, you can release the chest strap altogether. The two side straps must remain connected and tight. See also our Startguide for a video tutorial.

Plus-size wearing with MiniMeis

The MiniMeis shoulder carrier is a carrier that benefits the whole family. It’s a perfect way for dads, moms and kids to explore their neighborhood or a fun activity for when you are on holiday. After all, MiniMeis is designed so that families get to spend (more) quality time together. We guarantee you that you and your baby will love our carrier.

How to choose the best baby carrier for plus size parents

Most baby carriers are ‘one size fits all’ but we all know this is not always the case and you might struggle finding the right carrier for you. We advise you to always keep two questions in mind while shopping for a baby carrier as a plus size mom or dad. First question to ask yourself: will this carrier offer me comfort and second, does this carrier match with my lifestyle? If you are an active parent who likes to go outside and explore, go for walks often (for leisure or to walk the dog) or if you want to use a carrier to bring your baby to daycare, the MiniMeis carrier is the right carrier for you. It’s comfortable, adventurous and offers hands-free carrying.


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